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Placing Orders

How do I place take-out orders?
Please place your takeout orders by clicking on the yellow "Order Now" shopping cart on this website, or on the app!

How do I place delivery orders?
Delivery orders are only taken through the online store, and are fulfilled by 3rd-party delivery services.

How do I place catering orders?
Please place your catering pickup & delivery orders by using the "Catering Store" in the navigation bar on this website, or on the app!

How do I download the app?
Click here!

Restaurant Logistics

Can I place a reservation?
Unfortunately, no. Our tiny old diner serves as a classic-style, 1st-come-1st-serve, "queue-line" BBQ joint. We kindly ask that you join the line before taking a table, allowing those at the front of the line the ability to be seated by the time their orders are ready. Please do not enter the queue line until your entire group has arrived.

I have a large group. Do you have a banquet room to accomodate us?
Unfortunately, we do not have a banquet room. Large groups can be accommodated on a 1st-come-1st-serve basis. Its best to call the manager at 618-257-9000 x3 to work out the details, but your group will be easiest to accommodate all at once right at 11 am, or between 2 pm & 4 pm.

Do you offer curbside pickup?
Not yet.

Restaurant Rules

I want to be waited on. Can I have a server take my order?
No, we do not have servers to take your order and tend to your table. You'll place your order with the cashier in the queue line before being seated, and fill your own drinks at the soda fountain.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks?
No outside food or drinks are permitted inside the restaurant, including for children (food for small children is permitted, of course).

Is there a corking fee to bring in my own booze?
Bringing in your own beer, wine or liquor is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring in a birthday cake?
We'd love to accommodate your birthday celebration! Yes, birthday cakes are permitted.

Do you allow pets?
Only properly labeled service animals are allowed inside.

Donations & Fundraising

Will you help us fundraise for our cause?
Absolutely! We have a concession program, as well as our "Dining to Make a Difference" option. Check them out by clicking on the "Fundraising" tab!

Do you provide donations?
Yes. You'll find the criteria for donation consideration by clicking on the "Donations" tab in the footer.