Q: Do I have to wait in line?

A: If you're DINING IN, you must enter the line to order before being seated. From the register to the front door is typically about a 10-minute wait to order. The order will usually arrive at your table within 15 minutes.

We kindly ask that your entire party arrives before you enter the line.

We do not allow guests to steal tables from those in front of the line by squatting.

Our staff will find you seats after you place your order.


If you're ordering or picking up TAKE-OUT, head to the bar, and the bartender will gladly help you immediately.

Q: will i have a server?

A: As a fast-casual restaurant, we do not have a full-service staff on hand. After ordering in line, you'll be expected to fill & refill your own drinks and grab your own utensils. Dining-Room Attendants are present to run your food, and to assist you in any way, which may include bussing your table, or refilling your drinks as they find time to do so.

Q: Am I supposed to Tip?

A: Tips are accepted. If you choose to tip, you'll have an opportunity to tip at the cash register or at the table.

Q: can i make a reservation?

A: We do not allow reservations, but our staff will gladly help you & your party get settled in after you've ordered. Your best bet is to arrive as early as possible.


Q: can you ACCOMMODATE large parties?

A: We can. We kindly ask that you enter the order line only after your entire group has arrived. We may be able to seat you together, but you may be spread out as seats become available. Your best bet is to arrive between 2 and 4.


Q: Can we bring a birthday cake?

A: Food or beverages of any kind that were not sold by us are not allowed inside the building. Exceptions may be made for allergen purposes at the manager's discretion.


Q: Can we get it to-go?

A: Of course! You can order by phone at 618-257-9000, or order and pick up at the bar.


Q: do you deliver?

A: We'll gladly deliver an order of at least $100 by reservation only. Contact catering@beastcraftbbq.com.


Q: why isn't everything available all the time?

A: We try to judge what business will be like daily in order to serve the very best quality. No meats are carried to the following day to be re-served in the same format. In fact, smoking fresh daily isn't enough for us, we smoke fresh per shift. Every meat is smoked at least twice a day so you'll never end up with brisket at 7pm that was pulled from the smokers at 7am. Frankly, we'd rather you be upset that your favorite meat is SOLD OUT than serve you average, old meat.